SouthShoreIrish: Glynn Bros. Traditional Irish Turf/Peat
SouthShoreIrish: Glynn Bros. Traditional Irish Turf/Peat


Cead Mile Failte to Glynn Bros., providers of   genuine Irish turf sods   and Bord na Mona peat briquettes here in the USA.  Glynns can send to Anywhere, USA or prearranged pick up south of Boston, Massachusetts.



Glynn Bros. and is YOUR premier online source for Genuine Irish Turf products and the ONLY US based supplier that provides both Bord Na Mona Briquettes and genuine Irish sods products.

The magical aroma of turf or peat burning on an open fire or in a stove is for many people as much a part of Ireland as Guinness!. 

Now if you are living in the US and looking for a genuine Irish turf or peat fire to chase away those chilly nights or to bring the wonderfual aroma of Ireland to you then look no further than Glynn Bros.  Using USPS or UPS as our couriers we are able to supply turf and Bord na Mona to US addresses. 

This makes turf and peat much more accessible no matter where you live in the US, making it a special treat for those long fall & winter evenings, Summer nights by the firepit, the festive holidays and the ideal gift for those with Irish connections.  Makes for the perfect, hard to find Irish Gift for any occasion.

Order securely from us via Paypal for shipping or prearrange a pick up at our locations.  Soon, you can look forward to a cozy night in with the magical aroma of Ireland. 

Glynn Bros.  Traditional Irish Turf - Incredibly intense and aromatic - unmistakably Ireland.


The Glynn Brothers


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From a recent Glynn Bros.' Customer:

Dear Glynn Brothers, 

 From one Irish heart to another, God Bless you!  I have not experienced the Turf since 1984 - the last time I was in Ireland.  One never forgets the aroma of Ireland and to have it here Chi-Town last week was truly an amazing experience.  Thank you!  We just ordered the Big O'Box - can't wait!  Slante!  KJ


  Peat Buy Irish Turf in the US

This website is for USA customers only. Prices include delivery to an address within any of the 48 contiguous states.


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We ship via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail-whichever provides the best service to your door. In-stock items will ship within 48 hours from the time your order is placed. Please allow 3 to 10 business days for delivery.


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